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Real Estate Video & Photography

Drone Real Estate Professional Aerial Services

Where does your seller live? Where does your buyer want to live? In a home or within a whole community?

Real-estate agents and sellers are quickly realizing the importance and value of presenting potential buyers aerial imagery and video of their future new home, new neighborhood, or WOW them with a 360° aerial video of the community.

Savvy realtors who include low altitude aerial imagery into their listings, realize quick ROI, increased sales and profits by selling more properties and homes with unique features faster. Real-estate agents who build personal video libraries of local elementary, junior high and high schools, shopping centers, proximity to major highways and interstates attract considerably more listings.

Within the Legal System

Drone Law Enforcement Professional Aerial Services

Drone use is rapidly growing for Law Enforcement agencies within State, City & Local Police departments, Prosecutors, Lawyers and Private Investigators. With this knowledge some may ask …

Are drone’s reflective that we’re living in George Orwell’s 1984? The novel represents omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, the tyrannical Big Brother.

No it’s not 1984! Yet Drone’s, still for a few, conjure up the idea of spying. In reality professional drones are a much-needed tool for law enforcement in pre-surveillance, litigation support and evidence collection for defending the innocent and prosecuting the guilty. Spying with drones is out of the question as their size and sound make them prohibitive for spying.

Professional aerial services using drones assist private investigators with accident reconstruction. They can offer litigation support to attorneys, prosecutors and insurance companies validating traffic flows through intersections, or capturing real-time imagery of ongoing typographical changes that can prove the underlying cause of an accident.

Drones are used to document construction sites, sinkholes and disaster areas such as Katrina or the Jersey shore. They can find missing property for law enforcement that may be hidden in a backyard, in a similar way that DEA agents use helicopters and planes to find marijuana fields.

Pre-surveillance can scout out remotes locations for easier access to, or surveying a suspected volatile dwelling without getting shot at for trespassing.

With the rise of terrorism hitting home drone surveillance can potentially spot hidden packages, lone backpacks before and during special events. Drones can even track a fleeing assailant and offer high quality video to law enforcement for identification.

While no system is perfect in preventing all incidents, drones can offer a bird’s eye view of an area thereby potentially thwarting a disaster.

Emergency Search & Rescue

Drone Search and Rescue Professional Aerial Services

Drone Helps Firefighters Save Stranded Rafters; DJI Phantom 3 Carried Life Jacket To Wet, Cold Kids | By Jeff Stone | July 2, 2015 | 8:08 AM | (Read Article)

Firefighters had to use a drone to save a teenager and a younger boy when they became stuck on a rock in the middle of a raging current. Rescue crews tried to reach the pair in a raft — but when the waves became overwhelming they paddled back to shore and used a small unmanned aircraft to toe a line over to the boys.  (full story)

Drone Locates Missing 82 Year-Old Man in 20 Minutes After He’d Been Missing for Three Days | By Barbara Boland | July 28, 2014 | 11:04 AM EDT | (Read Article)

An 82 year-old man went missing in Wisconsin last week – and for three days rescue teams, helicopters, search dogs and hundreds of volunteers searched for him in vain – until David Lesh volunteered his drone’s services and located the missing man within 20 minutes!

News & Traffic Reporting

Drone News and Traffic Report Professional Aerial Services

This is a new space in the industry and we’re looking for exciting creative ways to explore it. Call us with your idea and let’s make it happen! Like this hilarious story …

Drone catches man sunbathing on wind turbine in Rhode Island
By Charlotte Krol, video source Jukin | August 28, 2016 | 2:43 PM EST | (Read Article)

Man captures drone footage of a secret sunbather atop a 200ft wind turbine in Rhode Island.

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