Drone Aerial Services & Your Future

Who can deny that Drone imagery is captivating!

The history of the camera evolved from 1816 through stages to what we’re more familiar with such as 35mm film, TLRs and SLRs, Instant Polaroids, Digital Megapixel photos and 4K cinema quality videography.

Today that technology is further evolving with lower-altitude Aerial Services never imagined. Should Drone Aerial Services Be In Your Future?

To Use, Or Not Use Drone Aerial Services?
– That Is NOT the Question!

During the 1990’s the Internet Gold-Rush exploded with businesses rushing to Get Online FAST! Those first online were able to compete and take away market share from those waiting to see what the future of the Internet provided. Those who waited … never caught up. They either went out of business or struggled to stay afloat. Being in IT as a Senior Software Architect I saw it happen every day. Can you relate?

That same Gold-Rush Opportunity exists again using Drone Aerial Services! Imagine, your competitor using ordinary photos to market products and services similar to what you offer. The difference is you’ve chosen to step-up presenting your product or service from a new elevation, a new angle, offering a new perspective to your client that your competitor failed to capture. If you’re the client, who would get the business? The old Brick-Mortar shop? Or, the up-to-date online shop utilizing the latest technology to benefit you?

Drone Aerial Services revolutionizes the way you do business beyond capturing breathtaking views of real-estate, resorts, golf courses and weddings. Use Drone Aerial Services for marketing products and services, for commercial inspections, time-lapse construction, infrared and thermal imaging, in agriculture for fertilization, search & rescue, mining, mapping, 3D modeling, public and private events. The possibilities are endless! How about delivery services? Have you heard about Amazon Prime Air? Do you have a unique idea you wish to develop? Let’s make it possible! Call us today to discuss it!

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